Real client quotes about Wintercorn and our services

Like most web design consultancies we used to publish a list of past and present clients for all to see. It included the type of work we performed with graphics and links to sites.

Back in 2011 we took the decision not to publish client names as much of our work involves security consulting such as fixing hacked sites, cleaning malware and even retrieving hostaged sites from previous webmasters and some clients didn't want to publicise the fact that they had been hacked - even if they were subsequently cleaned and secured.

The following is just a small selection of unsolicited quotes from real clients.

Sports blog

"We've learned more in 10 minutes with you than the last six months with our previous Joomla! developer."

Car parts repair service

"Thanks for fixing the checkout page. It's actually working properly now and sales have increased since customers can easily order their parts."

Travel agency

"We are very pleased with the site after you cleaned it up from the recent hack and this is especially important with the new holiday season coming up. Very happy with your service to date."

Oil engineering company

"Your managed hosting is like insurance for our websites. How we managed before, I don't really know. The site's running smoother than ever and we spend less of our time on it. That's your job!"

PR agency

"No problems this end. Good service from you."

Major UK charity

"Thanks for fixing the site. It was beginning to look a mess and the frequent hacks made it unusable. We were almost at the point of giving up. Glad to have found Wintercorn."

Barristers chambers

"Many thanks for cleaning our site of the hack. It was caught just in time before anyone noticed and we could have faced ridicule or even worse."

Recruitment consultants

"I don't know how you did it but you've fixed our broken site! We were really worried and the previous webmaster had pretty much given up. We've had no problems since taking your managed hosting service."

Jewellery store

"Many thanks for repairing our website. It was affecting our Google ranking and looked really bad for business. Your security expertise really shows."

Secondary School

"Thanks for your work on our site. It was becoming an embarrassment and a liability. The previous agency clearly didn't understand WordPress like you do."

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