123456 still most common password on the internet

PasswordIt seems you never learn. Despite us fixing websites which have been hacked through poor security practices, users still use weak passwords. We see them all - 123456, letmein, password1 and our favourite batman.
SplashData have released the results their of 2014 password survey and it's grim news. The champ from 2013, "123456," is once again top of the pops. Nine of the top 25 worst passwords are strictly numerical, featuring variations on a theme, with "12345," "123123" and "111111" all landing on the list.  
The runner-up for worst password is also the same as for 2013. You guessed it. It's the highly imaginative "password."  The list was culled from an analysis of 3.3 million leaked passwords that came out during 2014. Most of the passwords are from North American and Western European accounts.
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