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Google considering marking non HTTP pages as insecure

ChromeThe Chrome Security Team propose that user agents (UAs) gradually change their UX to display non-secure origins as affirmatively non-secure. They intend to devise and begin deploying a transition plan for Chrome in 2015.
What does this mean for web users? Essentially the only indicator a user gets now is if a site is using a secure certificate over SSL or TLS, (like does) which is certainly not the majority of sites. It's possible then that a user might only see a secure indicator when visiting their bank or payment provider and not associate it as part of the normal browsing experience.
The Chrome proposal turns that on its head and will warn users of the insecurity of a site they are visiting. The other advantage, which may be mitigated by a high take-up of TLS, is that Google gives a slight ranking advantage to sites using HTTPS.
Read the full story at the Chromium project page.

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