Inside Amazon's Cloud - Where Some Wintercorn Clients Live

amazonwebservicesAs cloud computing has emerged as the new paradigm for computing at scale, Amazon has firmly established itself as the dominant player.
After effectively creating the public cloud market with the launch of Amazon Web Services in 2006, the retailer has built AWS into a $6 billion a year business.
Amazon operates at least 30 data centers in its global network, with another 10 to 15 on the drawing board. Amazon doesn’t disclose the full scope of its infrastructure, but third-party estimates peg its U.S. data center network at about 600 megawatts of IT capacity.
Wintercorn have used Amazon for file and website hosting since 2008 and are very pleased with the performance, uptime and cost.  We also use Google Cloud and Digital Ocean as well as maintaining several virtual servers with cPanel for some clients. 
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