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Avoid Payasyougopost & 1st Secretarial Limited - mail forwarding service

Post BoxWintercorn, like a lot of small companies, uses a virtual office to create a single point of contact for official letters and other mail. We looked around and chose a company called Payasyougopost run by 1st Secretarial Limited, they also trade as Address 123, Mail Forwarding UK and send mail from
They offered a low priced, some might say cheap, basic forwarding service which met our needs of a few pieces of mail per quarter.
It turned out to be a dreadful mistake.
At first some items of mail went missing and had to be resent. These were all clients cheques so we needed to contact the clients and ask for replacements.  Then we had letters withheld by Royal Mail because they were over the limit for letters and we had to collect them from the sorting office after paying a fee. Payasyougopost don't even operate a 'proper' forwarding service - they just write in the destination address and mark "please forward". 
Complaints are dealt with by the Wall of Silence and client contact is requested via 0907 637 0909 (see below for update) which is charged at 61p per minute. Any direct emails are responded to by autoresponder and from then on nothing.
We occasionally receive calls from clients asking us about office providers for small startups and branch offices and all we can do in this instance is to advise that you avoid them like you would a rabid wolf.
You can see their less than stellar reviews on TrustPilot here and here.
30/09/15 - We have been advised by one of their clients that they are also available on 0203 150 0129 which seems to avoid the 0907 number, just in case you want to purchase additional services from them.
06/11/15 - It seems that has been busy reporting all of the reviews on Trust Pilot and they have been hidden pending verification. The previous reviews are available as a PDF here so that this important part of mail forwarding history can't be lost. If they, or their lawyers, write to us then we'll also publish that here. #RememberStreisand
11/04/16 - Someone's just advised us that they have now changed their name to Post Central. Obviously unconnected with the complaints and probably part of a wider branding exercise.

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