'The Heritage Company' hack shows value of working, offsite backups

It wasn’t a case of “Merry Christmas” for the employees of an Arkansas-based telemarketing firm after they were told to find new jobs just before Christmas 2019.

Sherwood-based The Heritage Company was hit a ransomware attack in October 2019, and – according to a letter sent to staff by the CEO – efforts to repair the damage had been unsuccessful for several weeks.   It would be easy to say that it wasn’t ransomware which brought about the apparent demise of The Heritage Company, but instead a lack of secure backups and a resilient disaster recovery plan.

A ransomware attack should never be enough to kill off your company. Sites, servers and other systems should be backed up regularly, offline and restored to check integrity.  How often determines how long you can manage with any technology and how much you are willing to spend on backup systems. 

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