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Online ShoppingClare Rayner apparently.
No, not the agony aunt, the other one with a confusingly similar name.
Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) retailers should open at evenings and weekends because that is when their customers want to shop, says Clare Rayner, the small business mentor and high street campaigner, without realising that's exactly why they have websites which can do this for them.

Android MalwareMany retailers are ready to offer buyers various interesting deals on smartphones and tablets this year on Black Friday, but not all products are safe for consumers, new research from security company Bluebox Labs reveals.
Apparently, certain dirt-cheap Android tablets might come with major security vulnerabilities on board. Obviously this article is US centric but the principle stil applies to cheap UK purchased tablets.

SonySony employees were forced to shut down their computers and work ground to a halt. Eventually, many of them were sent home. This didn’t just impact Sony’s Culver City, California offices either.
Sony Pictures operations around the globe were taken offline, but not before the hackers made off with  huge haul of internal documents.

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