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New report finds that 74% of start-ups use the same 10 adjectives repeatedly in their website copy and many don't even include a description.
This lack of a distinct identity could impact business growth and the wider business community.  A company’s website is often the first point of interaction between brand and consumer, yet it is often where most brands let themselves down with inadequate descriptions. Some don’t even include a description at all and those that do often use generic buzzwords that don’t express their individuality.
The top 10 adjectives used were: family run, independent, specialists, friendly, experienced, leading, experts, best, quality, largest. 74% of businesses use these repeatedly within their website copy.

New research among more than 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Studio Graphene has revealed just how important good online and mobile technologies are to business success. It found:

  • 59% of UK adults – 30.54 million people – said they will leave a business’ website within just 30 seconds if it is ugly or hard to navigate
  • 24% of consumers also said that in the past five years they have switched loyalty from one company to a competitor whose technology delivers a better customer experience
  • The figure jumps to 41% among those aged between 18 and 34
  • 52% of people say they always research a business online before deciding to spend money with them
  • Furthermore, 47% stated that a good website or app is key for them to trust a particular brand

Technology has never been more critical to a business’ success, with the majority of UK consumers saying they will leave a poor quality website in less than 30 seconds, new research by Studio Graphene has revealed.  Studio Graphene commissioned an independent, nationally-representative survey among more than 2,000 UK adults to examine how discerning the public is when deciding which companies to spend money with. It found that 59% of respondents will leave a business’ website within just 30 seconds if it is ugly or hard to navigate.

If your business is not taking advantage of the latest advancements in sales technology then it is time to make that move. These are just some of the ways to increase your revenue through the clever application of technology.
1. Make Good Use of The Cloud
Store important documents on teamwork enabled platforms like Google G Suite so that you can work on them anywhere. We can help you get started with this.
2. Use a Solid CRM Program
There are dozens of CRM packages available for every size of business. Part of our consulting service is to advise on the best one to integrate with your website and sales workflow.
3. Automate Emails
Wintercorn can advise on the correct use of services such as Mailchimp to add automation to your marketing efforts.
4. Make Sales Through Every Platform
It's not just your website that prospects will visit. Cast your net wide and use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr as appropriate for your specific needs.
For more information visit Business Matters

Joomla!Joomla! is one of the major web frameworks and is planning to incorporate GDPR and privacy specific features in the next release. They've been listening to their users, and intend to integrate a Privacy Tool Suite in the Joomla! CMS to facilitate the compliance of sites and to make developers’ life easier to get their extensions compliant. The following are the major features announced:

Provide an API for extension developers so they can report the data they collect and this info can be displayed in the new com_privacy extension

  • Gain the consent of the registered users (form plugin), track their consent, log their activities, and take care about the consent retention time
  • Make it easier to the users to submit information requests
  • Track the status of the users requests
  • Let the user access and download their data.
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Internet of Things (IoT) SecurityThe Internet of Things (IoT) security problem isn't going away. The connected network of billions of devices – from smart doorbells to office printers – is regularly found to have privacy problems and be open to attack by potential hackers.

The latest security issue is that Google's artificial intelligence Home speaker and the Chromecast, the firm's streaming device, have been found to reveal a user's precise physical location. It's been found that some commands the Home and Chromecast devices receive are transmitted across unsecured HTTP connections and without any form of authentication.

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