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As Joomla! and WordPress specialists Wintercorn can help you define the right web strategy for your business, avoid common mistakes, address any issues that need clarification and put the plan in action. And then look after it all while you run your business.

Our clients projects are an exercise in problem solving. They involve soft considerations like business strategy, goals and objectives as well as hard constraints like time, money, and people and process concerns like meetings, roles, and milestones.
Though we are usually called upon to design websites, what distinguishes Wintercorn from other firms is our understanding of the business process, from plan to launch and funding right through to exit. We've worked in startups, venture capital firms and established companies.
We've even been asked to provide technical testimony for court cases involving previous developers.
We believe that everything rests on good research, planning and testing. Many people believe that using the newest technology will make or break a project - we believe that technology is only a tool, to be used as and when each situation demands. Some projects require only a simple solution, others more complex.

Strategy Consulting

It’s vital that your website fully supports your organisation’s corporate strategy and we offer specialist, unbiased advice to help you achieve this.

We’ll typically work with members of your senior management and marketing teams to gain a full understanding of your organisation’s business objectives – short, medium and long-term - and how they apply online.

We’ve delivered online consultancy for organisations large and small alike, in sectors ranging from non-profit to leisure and government.

Assessment Review

Would you benefit from an expert assessment of how well your website is performing? Are you looking to increase ROI, performance or usability?

You may have experienced security problems or technical issues. Or perhaps you’d simply welcome an objective view of areas where you can make improvements?

Our track record includes repurposing corporate websites following a merger, consolidating unused sites in to a main domain and creating new sites to meet market demands.

Return To Specification

We often see sites which have been built by inexperienced developers that fail to meet the basic specifications drawn up at the start of the project.

Our experience has included taking sites back to the original functionality specified and repairing problems caused by using inappropriate extensions, coding or workflows.

Combined with User Experience Research (UX) we can determine what your site visitors want, how they are using the site and how it can be improved.

In short, if your website isn't adding value to your business then we need to talk.

Recent consulting projects include
  • Website performance analysis
  • Web technology and trends
  • CRM and intranet systems
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Social media
  • Due diligence of online assets

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