Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Outsourcing your social media marketing to Wintercorn will ensure you have a professionally managed social media campaign at a great price point that should deliver you a solid return on your investment.
Wintercorn's experienced team will write daily promotional and interesting content and schedule it a week in advance via our incredible social media control panel.  Our control panel makes it really easy for you to track your campaign's success, review our content, edit and schedule your own items (when you have a free moment) and even tracks relevant news items that you can post out to your followers.
We’ll schedule up to 7 tweets and/or 2 posts per day and even upload custom made images a couple of times per week (depending on which account you choose). We’ll still be posting while you are working on building your business. We’ll still be posting when you are on holiday or off sick. We’ll still be posting when you are called out to an urgent meeting that runs on all day. It’s hard work to post four or five times per day with well thought out content. We are experts at it.
We supply you with:
  • A social media scheduling control panel.
  • Up to 7 tweets and/or 2 posts per day.
  • You will be able to log in and monitor the content we have created for you, as well as view your traffic stats and schedule your own tweets, posts and images.
  • Access to a bespoke news searching system that allows you to post industry news to your followers.
  • Much more! Take a look at our demonstration dashboard now.

Social Features

  • an in-depth social presence
  • social statistics
  • 4-7 daily tweets
  • 2 daily Facebook posts
  • 2 daily Linkedin posts
  • many more features

Dashboard Demo

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