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Ready to take your website’s performance and security to the next level?

Visitors are impatient. Load times can’t be slow. Wintercorn and Cloudflare can help with that.

Cloudflare optimises, speeds and protects your site with their 10 Tbps capacity and 115 data center global network. They serve more web traffic than Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Instagram, Bing, & Wikipedia combined.

Don't know how to setup Cloudflare for your domain name? Dont worry, just leave it us. Let our experts setup Cloudflare and configure it quickly.  We even help you decide what configuration is right for your organisation.

We can usually setup Cloudflare in less than 30 mins.

CloudflareFeatures of Cloudflare

DDOS Protection

Cloudflare’s advanced DDoS protection, provisioned as a service at the network edge, matches the sophistication and scale of such threats, and can be used to mitigate DDoS attacks of all forms and sizes including those that target the UDP and ICMP protocols, as well as SYN/ACK, DNS amplification and Layer 7 attacks.

Site Optimisation

Cloudflare lets you automatically enable the latest in web technologies. Their web optimisation features cover everything from mobile image optimisation to aggressive GZIP and HTTP/2.

Rock Solid Global DNS

Cloudflare is one of the fastest managed DNS providers in the world. The same 115 data center network that powers their CDN dramatically speeds up domain resolution for your website’s visitors.

Global Content Delivery Network

Moving content physically closer to visitors with Cloudflare's CDN is one of easiest way to improve the performance of your website and reduce load on your web servers.


Cloudflare's web application firewall benefits from the collective intelligence of their entire network. When they identify a new threat from one website, they can automatically block it from the other 6 million websites on the network protecting your site before attackers even visit it.


Cloudflare provides insight to your website traffic that you can’t get from other analytics programs.  In addition to visitor analytics, you can monitor threats and search engine crawlers. For most websites, these threats and crawlers make up 20% to 50% of traffic. It’s traffic every website should understand, but most analytics services ignore.

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