WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress hosting, updates and support optimised for mission critical sites

We stand guard 24/7 to ensure your WordPress site stays online, updated and ready for business

Intrusions Prevented
Every minute of every day our systems compare each request against a set of constantly updated rules to prevent dozens of different types of attack.
Monthly Scans
We perform regular in-depth scans for our managed clients which look for any traces of malware or changed files as well as outdated extensions.
Visitors Protected
We don't just protect our clients, we also protect their site visitors against drive-by malware and infections to ensure that they stay safe.
Not everyone can afford their own dedicated server and shared hosting can be a prime attack vector for hackers as they often host thousands of poorly secured and out-of-date sites. Managing a busy website can also be a full-time job.

Based on our 10 years of experience with hundreds of WordPress sites we have custom built a clean server environment which is optimised for WordPress security and performance and is only used for hosting our clients managed sites after they have passed our initial security audit and continue to pass our ongoing security audits.

We update and manage the server, your site, its plugins, themes and perform all of the continual maintenance that a full-time webmaster would undertake.

Our WordPress Managed Hosting service is flexible on an ad-hoc or fixed term basis. Often we are asked to take over websites where the previous webmaster has left or the site has been hacked and left inoperable.

We offer unrestricted space and bandwidth and can accomodate sites with low, high or highly variable traffic figures. WordPress Managed Hosting starts at only £100 per month per site. Your monthly fee includes all hosting costs and includes at least 30 minutes of any-use support per month. *

We also offer a Rescue Service, diagnosing, fixing and preventing any more attacks to get your site back online quickly and protected against further attacks.
Secure Cloud Hosting
Our server environment has been optimised and only hosts sites which have been security audited by ourselves and are running the latest release and have no vulnerable extensions. All hosted sites are secured, regularly audited, firewalled and have numerous other features to defeat intrusion attempts.
Rapid Site Recovery
Even with our strict security measures sites can sometimes go offline. When a site goes offline we can usually get it back online and functioning within minutes. Our Rescue Service can recover a hacked or crashed site with minimal disruption to your users and our optional Security Audit will highlight any security issues and how they can be resolved.
Core & Extension Updates
You don't need to worry about updating the site core files or searching for the latest version of each extension. We will update them as and when required. You can even ask us to take over content and user management with your support time. We'll do whatever you need.
Real-time Monitoring
Our systems watch each request and decides whether to allow it or not based on a set of constantly updated rules. This means your site is protected 24 hours a day. We even investigate failed access attempts and logins and can often fix issues before you are even aware of them.
Regular Backups
We backup your site and database on a frequency from weekly to hourly depending upon your requirements. All backups are stored offline for security and kept for at least 4 weeks. If required, we can rebuild your site quickly from our backups with minimal downtime.
Support Ticket System
All Wintercorn clients have unrestricted access to our support system which contains our ticket system and knowledgebase which allows you to raise issues and content requests 24/7 with an average response time of less than 30 minutes and an average resolution time of under 4 hours for managed clients.

Server Locations

We can place your site closest to your users or replicate it across an entire region or regions for maximum uptime and reliability.

New York
Northern California
Northern Virginia
San Francisco
Sao Paulo
South Carolina

WordPress Managed Hosting Pricing

We have two WordPress Managed Hosting plans plus we can create a custom plan just for your site based on your specific technical or security requirements.


  • ✔ Site core and plugin updates*
  • ✔ Google, Amazon or Digital Ocean clouds
  • ✔ 30 minutes any-use support
  • ✔ Dedicated account manager
  • ✔ Priority ticket support
  • ✔ Free SSL certificate
  • ✔ Business hours technical support


  • All Standard features +
  • ✔ Your own cloud server
  • ✔ Dedicated IP address
  • ✔ Free EV SSL certificate
  • ✔ 1 hour any use support
  • ✔ 3 user G Suite account


  • All Enterprise features +
  • ✔ Custom cloud configuration
  • ✔ Load balancing
  • ✔ Extended Verification SSL
  • ✔ 24/7 technical support
  • ✔ Directors mobile number
* The small print - Additional payment may be required for updating any commercial extensions/plugins. Support hours apply to the current month only and are not rolled over. All issues must be submitted via the ticket system at www.wintercorn/support-home. We reserve the right to decline our hosting services to sites which do not fit our general client profile.

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