WordPress Migration & Updates

Upgrade WordPress for security and functionality.

Is your WordPress website looking a little rough and out of date?

Wintercorn offer WordPress migration and upgrade services to keep your site current and secure.

Some sites we see haven't been updated for years. It's a security risk as well as missing out on new features and eventually your site will just stop working as the underlying server architecture moves past it.

Additionally, many security issues have been uncovered in WordPress, particularly in 2007, 2008, and 2015 so it's vitally important to keep both the core and plugins updated. 

How much will it cost to migrate or update my  site?

A data-only migration from an earlier release without any commercial plugins or custom coding starts at £650. We will prepare a detailed quote based on your site and alert you to any potential problems before we start. A basic update starts at £450.

We can peform a data-only migration where we just move the textual data/images and you style the theme or a full migration which involves styling a new theme to get you going quickly. Ask us for advice about each option.

How long will it take?

Depending upon the size and complexity of the site - generally anything from a single day to 14 days.

You can start your migration project by contacting us today. Why not also read through our migration guide beforehand?

* The Not So Small Print - Not all plugins have a newer version so you may have to stay with the supported version or chose another plugin. Commercial plugins will require an additional payment to purchase the newer version. Custom code is not included but can be quoted separately. Read our migration guide - it's really helpful.

Need advice or assistance?

Ask us for a no obligation proposal to outline your requirements

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