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Concerned about GDPR and your mailing list? Just want better returns on your newsletter?

EU-based businesses, as well as anyone processing the personal data of EU citizens, will likely be affected by the GDPR. If you ever collect, record, store, use, or erase personal data from customers or contacts in the EU, the GDPR should be on your radar. This new law will have a significant impact on businesses around the world. MailChimp have produced a free guide available here.

Wintercorn can help by setting up MailChimp and integrating it in to your existing marketing systems - or we can create a new marketing system built around your specific requirements. We will ensure that you are compliant with the new GDPR regulations.

MailChimp’s e-commerce features help you track visitors to your site, capture order information, and then pass all the data back to your MailChimp account. MailChimp integrates with a number of different e-commerce solutions, including Shopify and WooCommerce as well as content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress.

We can usually setup MailChimp in less than 30 mins.

Features of MailChimp

Email Templates
Design beautiful campaigns to effectively communicate with your audience and share your message. It’s easy to get started with their eye-catching, customisable email templates. Choose a basic layout, pre-built theme, or a template based on the message you need to communicate. You can even code your own or ask Wintercorn to design one.
Abandoned Cart
Research shows that 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale. With MailChimp's powerful abandoned cart automation workflows, you can remind your customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase.
Marketing Automation
Personalise your marketing with powerful automations that talk to your customers just like you would. Save time so you can focus on other aspects of your business. MailChimp's marketing automation software helps you stay connected to your customers every step of the way.
Boost loyalty
Nurture lasting relationships by showing customers you appreciate their support. Automatically reach out to first-time shoppers to thank them for their patronage. Or, reward your top spenders with discounts triggered by their shopping behavior. With MailChimp anything is possible.
Sell more stuff
Put your purchase data to work for you. Connect your e-commerce store with MailChimp to improve the shopping experience for your customers and generate more revenue. Connect with hundreds of powerful apps and web services to streamline your workflow, sync customer data, generate more revenue, and grow your business.
You can't do anything better without data. MailChimp has the best analytics of any marketing system. Review your campaign reports, audience growth, campaign engagement, e-commerce performance, and more. Better data means better decisions.

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