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Forbes - Joomla Is One Of The Best Content Management Software Systems Of 2024

Many of the content management software (CMS) systems you know today started out as simple blogging platforms. Now, you’ll find the best CMS platforms double as website builders, web hosts and e-commerce platforms. A CMS primarily needs to help you manage content and media for a website, but it should also provide added value in low monthly costs, search engine optimization (SEO) tools and customization options.

Forbes compared the top names in content management software to help you find the best system for your specific needs, whether you’re selling products online, providing services or information to customers or you want to promote a blog. Joomla was listed as one of the top 10 along with WordPress. They both have different pros/cons despite being basically the same underneath with a LAMP stack.

The biggest benefits of Joomla have more to do with how it handles backend management and how it displays content. You can set up permissions for user groups to allow or deny specific access to parts of your site—and you can easily turn on or turn off those permissions in the CMS. Changing the look of your site doesn’t mean you have to tear down all your content and rebuild, which can save you time and money.

Their summary? Joomla is a good choice for new coders getting started with web development—the interface is simpler than others with powerful built-in functionality. We agree. review

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