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Email Attachments Pose Biggest Security Threat In 2024 And Beyond

Phishing is one of the longest-standing cybersecurity threats, and the first type of email fraud is believed to have emerged in 1995. It was first known as the ILOVEYOU virus (also known as Love Sickness) in 2000, affecting millions of people. Windows PC with corrupted email attachments. The threat may change by 2024, but connections may still be considered the biggest security risk.

Nearly one in six recipients of phishing emails containing suspicious information were not configured by the IT department, according to an analysis of 183 million phishing simulations run by consumer cybersecurity companies. According to the Proofpoint report. Link-based phishing attempts, which include malicious websites that direct users to download malware or ransomware, as well as fake password reset requests, have an 11 percent success rate across all observations. Phishing logins, which can be used to collect personal information or gain access to email or bank accounts, have the lowest success rate at 3%.

Do not click on dubious links or download links and carefully check whether the sender and the URL behind the link are legitimate; This is the best way to protect yourself from financial and other losses from cyber attacks. But attacks are also an important part of preventing further threats, according to cybersecurity experts. According to Proofpoint's 2024 State of Phishing Report, only 18% of the above simulations are reported to the appropriate groups.

Dave Alison, vice president of product at cybersecurity company Cofense, emphasised the importance of reporting phishing attempts in the company's blog post: "If we focus on only checking suspicious or negative emails, then we are creating a negative blueprint for public scrutiny of the system," Alison said . "What's the point if you're not reporting something suspicious? As one of the most important lines of defence, employees must learn not to identify but to post incredible work because it benefits their organisation and everyone around them."

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