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What Are The Sectors Most Targeted by Cybercrime?

To no great surprise critical infrastructure heads the list with political systems and corporates following closely.

The Cold War was fought on the ground, and conflict between parties backed by the United States, China or Russia may be a thing of the past, but time for action The war in the Group is far from over. Many war zones are now digitised, and state-sponsored or organised groups are waging cyber warfare against targets in multiple locations.

American and British authorities on Monday ordered hacking group Advanced Persistent Threat 31, accusing seven of its members, including Reuters recent reports, of "illegal [interference] against contractors, activists and various US companies for more than a decade." he accused. Including a US steel, energy and clothing company."

The group is said to have links to the Chinese government, confirming allegations by US and British officials. Outside of China, these allegations were mostly directed at Russian and North Korean groups, many of which allegedly financed the country's nuclear programme. It was also linked to alleged cryptocurrency thieves.

Data from the European Cyber ​​Incident Repository's open access database shows the sectors most affected by criminals with political agendas, based on reports from victims, protesters, police, security companies, media or third parties. infrastructure. In 2023 alone, 500 cases related to sectors such as electricity, telecommunications, transportation or healthcare were entered into the database, followed by attacks against government institutions or politics (376) and corporate targets (113).

Overall, EuRepoC recorded 895 cyber incidents with political impact in 2023, most of which involved multiple attacks. As of March 26, EuRepoC data showed that 171 cyberattacks were reported in 2024; of these, 89 were related to critical systems and 82 were related to government institutions, organisations, or politics, including businesses, authorities, or authorities. 92 incidents were linked to hackers located in, linked to, or based in Russia; North Korean hackers were responsible for 26 attacks, Chinese and Iranian hackers were responsible for 18 each, and US hackers were responsible for us.

When cyberattacks on legitimate companies can lead to financial losses or exposure of internal operating data, attacks on power plants, power grids, or telecommunications networks can become national security threats. This makes cybersecurity not only necessary, but also economically viable and competitive. According to estimates from various sources such as Statista Market Insights and IDC, global cybersecurity spending is estimated to be between $160 billion and $220 billion in 2023, and the market is expected to grow over the next three to five years.

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